Uddrag fra Dennis E. Showalters “Railroads and Rifles – Soldiers, technology and the Unification of Germany” (1975)

Det følgende er et uddrag fra Dennis E. Showalters “Railroads and Rifles – Soldiers, technology and the Unification of Germany” udgivet af Archon Books i 1975:

The Prussian infantry’s new firepower also proved itself on the Jutland peninsula. On July 3, a company of the 50th Prussian Infantry, 124 men strong, bivouacked around the village of Lundby, was surprised by a Danish company which immediately launched a bayonet charge. The Prussian commander kept his men in hand until the enemy column was within 250 paces of his position. Three separate volleys, the last fired at point-blank range, halted the Danes in their tracks and drove them to cover. When they attempted to use their rifles, they exposed themselves and their positions while reloading. Prussian sharpshooters and platoon volleys inflicted such heavy casualties that within minutes the survivors began to abandon the firing line. Twenty minutes after the first Danish attack the Prussians had no more targets. Of the 180 men of the 5th Company of the 1st Danish Regiment, twenty-two had been killed and sixty-six wounded; some of the bodies had been hit seven or eight times. Three Prussians were wounded.

It was a meaningless outpost fight at the end of an ignoble war. There was no glory, no material for an epic poem, nothing but twenty minutes of target practice. The outcome was hardly surprising. Even the Austrians realized the need for better odds than three to two if a bayonet charge were to succeed against an unshaken enemy. Moreover, after six months of defeat the Danes could hardly be described as first-class troops. More significant for those studying the lessons of the war were the ease of the Prussian victory and the fantastic imbalance in the casualty lists. Even the firmest believers in battalion columns and bayonet charges could not afford to overlook the fate of the Danes at Lundby.

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